At Elm Tree Community Primary School, we aspire for learning to be attractive, memorable and inspiring, reigniting and instilling a love of learning in our children. Our Key Stage 1 curriculum allows for the curiosity of the young mind to wander and the children in our care to become inquisitive and develop a sense of ‘being, doing and thinking’ as guided by the THRIVE approach. Through a play-based approach to learning, we are able to foster the skills and development of our dynamic children towards meeting the aims of the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.  Through scaffolding, interaction, specific target led activities (PLPs) and our ever changing environment which responds to the needs and interests of the children, we feel we are able to give our children those firm foundations in learning whilst continuing to develop the prime areas of learning as outlined in the Early Years outcomes and Development Matters documents. We ensure that this blended view of our curriculum is designed specially to meet the needs of the children in our provision, allowing dedicated time and attention for children to focus on what is necessary and important to them in an educational sense, in line with each child’s Education and Healthcare plan (EHCP). 

We thrive on developing positive, nurturing relationships with our children. This allows them to feel safe, have their needs met and to feel special. By meeting these basic needs, we are able to approach learning together in a safe, fun and exciting manner.

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