Class Residentials

Our children are going on a residential trips starting on Monday the 25th September.

We're taking pupils from each class to a Barn located in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.

Day 1 -  Classes will be taking a visit to Tree Top Treks located in the Lake District.

Children will be given a chance to participate in either the Tree Top Nets or the Mini Trek, dependant on what their class choose to do.

Day 2 - Classes will be going for a walk in the morning followed by a trip to The Forbidden Corner in the afternoon. 

Day 3 - Classes will leave accomodation and return to school, classes may visit somewhere on their return to school if this has been planned by their class teachers. 

Class Dates

Class Arrival Departure
Mr Brown Monday 25th September Wednesday 27th September
Miss Watkins Wednesday 27th September Friday 29th September
Mrs Robinson Monday 2nd October  Wednesday 4th October
Miss Butler Wednesday 4th October Friday 6th October
Mrs Davies Monday 9th October Wednesday 11th October
Ms Hudson Wednesday 11th October Friday 13th October


Sleeping Arrangements

First floor- One dormitory sleeping 8 people(4 bunk beds). Two bedrooms sleeping two people in each ( one 'single over double' bunk bed in each room, so that they can be used as a double or a twin). 

Ground floor as first floor- One dormitory sleeping 8 people (4 bunk beds). Two bedrooms sleeping two people in each (one 'single over double' bunk bed in each room so that they can be used as a double or a twin).

Therefore children will be sharing, however children will have there own space if this is deemed necessary. 


We are operating on a self catering option, so there will be a set meals throughout the duration of our stay, however alternatives will be provided if required. 

We will also be taking a variety of snacks with us for the children during the daytime, if your child has any special dietary requirements then please let us know. 


Due to the location of the centre it is unlikely we will be able to visit any shops. Therefore spending money is not permitted currently.  


A kit list has been provided on the letters we posted home.

If you do not have all of the required items please let us know and we will try our best to provide from the spare kit we have at school. 

Any other questions or queries please feel free to contact the visit leader on 01695 50924 and ask for Mr Owens.