Elm Tree Primary school caters for pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, and our curriculum must reflect this. Due to the nature of the difficulties experienced by all of our children, our Key stage 2 academic curriculum has to be flexible and adaptive to individual needs. A great deal of emphasis is placed upon the social and emotional development of the child, the ability to co-operate, share, to tolerate each other, respect themselves, each other and to contribute to a positive atmosphere within the school and wider community.

At Elm Tree we understand that we need to prepare our children for their future.  Therefore, we strive to achieve a balance between academic learning in core subjects alongside Social and Emotional learning.  Basic skills in Maths and English are fundamental towards our children having a successful future and making a positive contribution towards society. We are dedicated to creating a safe and secure learning environment where all children feel safe, special and have their individual needs met, with the intention of raising their self-esteem and eradicating any feelings of worthlessness and failure. In order to reach these goals, we utilise a variety of teaching methods and learning styles.

Our academic pathway provides children with a curriculum that is flexible in its approach and delivery. This is to facilitate learning at all levels, accommodating pupils who have historically missed vast amounts of learning due to their individual needs and behaviour.  Practical, hands on learning is at the core of our curriculum as we believe this is the best way for our pupils to learn.  We foster a can-do attitude in all our pupils and each unit of work is developed around the children who will engage in that learning.  This allows us to meet the changing needs of our population each year.


'The Elm Tree Way’

To feel Safe, Happy, Special and have Needs Met

By being Caring, Consistent and Calm at all

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