We aim to give the children a knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. We want them to be sensitive to others and understand individual personal relationships. At Elm Tree School, we encourage children to learn confidently and to communicate what they have learnt.

We believe that children should have the benefit of a broad and balanced curriculum. We are particularly keen to develop children's interests.  We ensure children receive a rich curriculum by extending opportunities through visiting performers, musicians and school trips to a range of places.  You will see examples of our recent trips if you look at our galleries page.

At Elm Tree School, we firmly believe that children learn best when they are able to make connections in their learning. Each term we will be looking at a theme which will encompass many curriculum areas; the themes chosen are those which we feel will captivate the children’s interest and their enthusiasm for learning. We believe that children learn best when they are actively involved. "Learning by doing" makes the work more interesting, more meaningful and more likely to make sense and be remembered. Problem solving and investigations are both important for primary school children. This kind of learning helps children to think more clearly, to raise questions, try out ideas and to record their findings.  We have fully implemented the new National Curriculum.

Curriculum Policy - Download here

Curriculum Intent Statement - Download here

Curriculum Enrichment

Throughout the week we operate an Enrichment programme for each class lasting 3.5 hours. This programme has been in commission for over 12 months, after initially starting in April 2014. During the initial 12 month period, the children were given the opportunity to participate in a range of different activities such as Equestrian Therapy, Mountain Biking, Forest School, Ice skating, BMXing and other Outdoor challenges.

Moving on from the initial programme in April 2014, the school commenced the Elm Tree Citizenship award, whereby the children continue to participate in a variety of activities, however they are now working towards a set list of criteria set by the services we use to enhance skill acquisition.

Through the enrichment programme, the children at Elm Tree have been able to gain a number of new skills and participate in new experiences; this has highlighted areas in which the children may have a hidden talent and given them the opportunity to develop within that activity.

The school constantly works with the children to develop the programme and provide children with Key Skills for life.  We aim to promote resilience, self-esteem, self-image, positive relationships, communication and team working skills.




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