Our children come to us as they have been unable to succeed in education for a variety of reasons. We are aware that traditional mainstream education has not been a positive experience for many of them, so we strive to ensure that our provision does not replicate this at the expense of our children’s needs and focus on providing a positive educational experience which allows children to value education and move forwards in their lives as confident and optimistic learners. Using a whole school pedagogy called The Path to Success we are able to develop and enrich children’s learning, whatever their individual needs. At it’s heart this system has collaboration, talk led and active approaches, which are often typically the areas which our children need the most support in when they arrive at our school. The pedagogy has distinct phases which teaching, and learning can move back and forth across to make sure that children are given the opportunities to develop deeper learning.




We particularly place high value on the Experience it and Play with it aspects of the system as without these opportunities our children are unable to relate their learning to anything. As a school we recognise the importance of play when it comes to development and learning, whether that be

academic or non- academic. These opportunities allow us to support children to practice skills in a fun and meaningful way again and again so that they are able to develop fluency in those skills.