School Vision 

Our vision is to work together to give all children a place to thrive. A place where they can be seen as the individuals that they are. A safe and nurturing community that allows children to succeed socially, emotionally and academically. A place in which we ensure that we are creating wonderful memories for each child.  


We do this by: 

  • ensuring that all children feel safe, special and happy; 

  • working hard to identify and meet individual needs’; 

  • always being caring and consistent; 

  • empowering all members of our school family to achieve their full potential; 

  • providing children with a knowledge rich curriculum that unlocks doors and provides them with a foundation for achieving success; 

  • building strong relationships with children and their families to support them in all areas.  

Our School Values 

These are principles which guide our thinking and behaviour in all that we do across school. We value everyone for who they are and how they contribute to our school family.  

  • Respect 

  • Trust 

  • Acceptance 

  • Friendship 

  • Resilience 

  • Inclusivity