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We are so proud to see one of our children collecting food to deliver to those in need! He's also been baking and doing his very own science experiments - look at his Victoria Sponge Cake and Fossil digging!  




 It has been excellent to see one of our children growing his own plant at home! He has also been creating his very own island on Animal Crossing with his dad and over Easter, has been baking Gingerbread Cookies! Well done!




Some of our children have been hard at work during their time at home! But they have still made time to sit in the garden and look at all the wonderful wildlife coming to life on a beautiful sunny day. Look at this colourful butterfly that they managed to spot!




Over the past week, we have seen so many young people putting rainbows in their windows to make us all smile. We are so impressed to see our children taking part in this! Look at this fabulous rainbow and brilliant message, 'Stay Safe'. After all that hard work, there's even time to relax on a swing and read a good book! 




 It has been great to see so many of our children getting involved in the Joe Wicks PE lessons! These start at 9am every day and can be found on YouTube. Keep going boys!




 With everyone spending so much more time at home, we have definitely seen a lot of creative ideas! From making their own games to science experiments, our children have surprised us every day! Take a look at one of them making their very own 'Elastic Band Shooting' game. You can see the targets and even the score board! 




With school being closed, we have seen so many professional bakers putting their skills to good use! We can't wait for you to share some of these recipes when you're back at school!




A special message from Mr Lamb! Friday 3rd April



It has been great to see our children going above and beyond over the Easter break to support their local communities. Take a look below at the amazing work of one of our pupils. He has spent the Easter holidays donating food, goods and supplies to vulnerable people and community services, bringing a smile to everyone's face as he goes. He has even been awarded an Everyday Heroes certificate from BBC North West and is now an official volunteer in the local community! If that wasn't amazing enough - he has even been featured in the Lancashire Post and noticed for all his hard work and brilliant contributions during this difficult time. You can read the article by clicking here. It is safe to say everyone at Elm Tree are extremely proud of him and can't wait to hear more about his volunteering adventures when school reopens. 


It is great to see so many of our children making use of their daily allowed exercise and getting outside. One of our children has even helped raise baby chicks over Easter whilst making sure to save some time to play with his sisters and explore the great outdoors - a great way to spend Easter and enjoy Spring!


We are still seeing so many great home baked goods! Take a look at what one child has been creating whilst at home. From Hedgehog Cakes to Moshi Monster Bread Rolls - these creations are so impressive! He has also made time to have a break from baking to go outside and put his metal detector to good use! 


Over the Easter, one of the children had been set a challenge by their dad to design and create a four wheeled vehicle. As you can see from the picture below, he designed it all on paper first and then created the car using Connex! It's great to see so many children staying creative at home! Keep up the good work.


So many children have been impressing us with their dedication to school work during this time! Here is a couple of photographs of one of our pupils keeping up with his reading and maths at home. Please remember, there are plenty of resources on the school website's coroanvirus information page if you are struggling to find activities for your child. 


One of our children has created a brilliant presentation, full of really useful information about coronavirus and what we can do to protect ourselves during this time. We are so proud to see so many Elm Tree children doing everything they can to get the important message of safety across whilst at home. 

Please click here to take a look at the presentation! 


Take a look at one of our children building in the garden!


Mr Lamb's Assembly 24th April!


We have seen so many amazing science experiments whilst you have been at home! Here is one of our children making a rocket powered compressed air with his dad!



It's been great to continue to see so many of you keeping up all your hard work at home! Here is one of our fantastic pupils still doing excellent maths work, even with money!


We are receiving so many great pictures of children doing work, creating experiments and many other fantastic ideas! Please keep sending your hard work to us via email and we will continue update our journal with your pictures!


Here is a special message from all the staff at Elm Tree to the children currently at home during this time. We miss you all and can't wait to see you soon!


We are super proud to see the continued commitment of one our pupils who has gone on to raise £100 worth of donations for a local food bank! Your kindness has not gone unnoticed! Well done. 


Another one of our children has been up to so many great activities whilst at home. From gardening, taking part in outdoor PE sessions and walking the dog to baking and staying healthy - she has managed to do all of this and even keep up with school work. This is so great to see! 


So many of you enjoying the sunshine and still making time for great school work!


Take a look at two of our pupil's amazing school work. One has been doing English and the other has been doing Maths!


Mr Lamb's Assembly - 1st May 2020. Well done to all those who have received certificates!


One of our children even helping mum paint the garden shed! We have also had another update from this child of him learning to count to 100! It's fantastic to see so much great work taking place from home!


Here's another pupil making clay figures of Mr Lamb and Mr Taylor! Also taking the time go on an adventure walk with his sister and the family dog.


'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson as narrated and performed by Mr Lamb!


Elm Tree Staff's Weekly Message - The YMCA!


One of our pupils showing off their amazing baking skills! Look how yummy the final product looks!


We're still seeing so many children working hard at home. Here is one of our pupils doing his daily maths work and then making time to enjoy the nice weather and cook some fabulous, delicious pancakes.


Tomorrow is 75th VE Day! Although celebrations this year are going to be quieter than expected, it is great to see so many children getting in the spirit of things! From everyone at Elm Tree, we hope you have a safe and happy bank holiday. Here is one of our pupils and his very own bunting for the special day. 


Mr Lamb's Assembly 7th May 2020


One of our pupils has been so kind to send some fantastic creations to school. From homemade crafts to delicious cupcakes, here are a few pictures of what we have received as a thanks. We are so pleased to display the rainbow in our reception area along with the beautiful plant. Thank you so much!


It has been fantastic to see our pupils enjoying so many activities over the weekend. From VE Day celebrations to learning to ride a tandem, take a look at some of these brilliant pictures below!


One of pupils is continuing to raise money for his local food bank whilst delivering cakes to his local community and NHS. He has now raised a huge £400 through raffles and continues to fund raise as the weeks go by! We are so proud of what he has achieved! At home, he has even made time to create a fantastic poster for school with his brother. Take a look at the pictures below!



And we are still seeing so many children producing great work from home! You are all impressing us so much with your determination to keep up the fantastic work whilst at home. Here is some brilliant work from one of our pupils.



Some of our children who have remained in school have made a brilliant rainbow design to showcase at the front of the school gates. This is to say a massive thank you to the NHS and all essential workers who have helped during this time!


It's been great to see so many families making the most of the outdoors! Here is one of our pupils doing some fishing and going for a walk in the woods.


Mr Lamb's Assembly 15th May 2020


We continue to be super impressed by one of our pupil's kindness and dedication during this time! He has even appeared in the newspaper with his fantastic £600 raised in donations for his local food bank. You can click the link here to read all about it! It's been incredible to know that this week, he has even been awarded certificates by the Co-Op for all his hard work and generosity. We are so so proud to say you're part of Elm Tree!


Mr Lamb's Assemby 22nd May - Have a great half term everyone!


We hope everyone had a fantastic half term and enjoyed all the lovely weather. It has been great receiving so many pictures of you all enjoying the sunshine. One of our amazing pupils has continued fundraising over the half term and all together has now raised a WHOPPING £800!! We are so so proud and cannot believe how hard he has worked! He has even been featured in the Lancashire post once again with a story about his life in lockdown! You can read the full article here. In addition to all the fundraising, he has even made time to enjoy the sun in the garden playing with fake snow! Take a look at these great pictures below.


Here is another one of our pupils definitely making the most of lockdown! From homemade McDonalds to walks in the park and building with Lego - it has been great to see these pictures! He has even made time to fit in school work! Keep up the hard work! 


We even have a professional fisherman in the making! Here is one of our pupils with his catch of the day. He also had a chance to make the most of the lovely weather and take a swim after all the fishing - safety first with a life jacket too! Brilliant pictures!


Mr Lamb's Assembly - 5th June 2020 


This week it has been great to see one of our pupils still keeping up with his Joe Wicks workout every day! 


Another pupil has really enjoyed adventuring around the lake, looking for tadpoles and other wildlife. He even saw 11 baby ducklings and a mean heron hiding in the trees! What a great way to enjoy the sunshine!


We have even had one of our pupils send to school their brilliant answers to last weeks quiz in assembly. Keep an eye out for the answers in this weeks assembly to see if you are right!


One of our children has been helping his sister with her homework this week! It was all about travel so they set up their very own passport control and took turns in going on holiday to Spain! This is such a brilliant idea!


Mr Lamb's Assembly - 12th June


We have had another great week seeing all your excellent work and activities that you have been getting up to whilst at home! Here is one of our children enjoying science experiments, relaxation sessions and even doing some drawing! She also would like to pass on a friendship star to all her friends at school who she is missing.


Up next, we have seen some BRILLIANT Lego creations from another child! Look at these amazing structures! We are so impressed!


The weather hasn't been great this week - but it has been excellent to see that one of our pupils managed to get to the farm on one of the nicer days and see some of the animals! 


Mr Lamb's Assembly 19th June 2020 - SCHOOL TOUR EDITION


We have had another amazing week seeing all your hard work! Here is one of our children having baked yummy cookies!


The last lockdown assembly by Mr Taylor - 26th June 2020!


We have seen even more excellent baking skills this week! Take a look at these great pictures of another child's excellent work in the kitchen!


One of our children have hit a whopping £2000 raised in donations for his local food bank! We are so impressed and proud of all his hard work since lockdown began! You are amazing!


Through our Outreach programme, we have seen some fantastic activities still going on at home! More baking this week from another one of our brilliant pupils!


For some of the children at school, we have seen some excellent, interesting work being done! Here is one of our children with the caretaker and his own grown lettuce! He has helped our caretaker so much over the previous weeks, doing odd jobs and gardening! Well done!


Through our Outreach programme, we have seen some fabulous work and creativity from home! Take a look at these excellent pictures from children making their own Indian dishes to homemade rockets! We are super impressed!




One of our children are continuing their charitable super skills and has now raised an incredible £2,500!! Wow!!!

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