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At Elm Tree School, we consider every pupil on an individual basis in terms of personal, social, individual and dynamic need.  We have developed a specialist provision, which aims to assess, accurately place and work collectively with pupils to progress in all areas of need. 

The specialist area currently delivers 3 areas of provision which are exclusively tailored to meet pupils’ needs, catering for specific learning and development requirements.  These areas are a complete package of assessment, support, dynamic teaching and learning, environmental considerations and the development of personal relationships and care. 

  • We offer a provision for children with severe attachment and behavioural needs with a focus on a dynamic curriculum and intensive support for which the ultimate aim is reintegration to the general school cohort with new skills and resilience to succeed.
  • An ASD specialised provision with a focus on individualised learning needs ,EHCP targets and learning strategies, appropriate stimulation and regulation in a low stress environment.
  • A GLD (General learning difficulties) provision with a focus on experiential learning in context, a sensory based adult supported approach with a strong emphasis on visual, sensory and repetitive learning goals to meet the needs of the class. 

At Elm Tree we use the Thrive approach throughout our school to build relationships, trust, enjoyment of learning and social development to support the pupils to integrate and succeed over the course of their journey with us.  On admission, pupils receive support and assessment from specialist leaders in Occupational Therapy to establish areas of need/development, Speech and language input to provide the communication tools and strategies to learn and integrate and to establish cognition and retention criteria to accurately match pupils to their correct learning pathway.  Other assessments by specialist practitioners are carried out in a subtle and relaxed manner to ascertain further needs in regulation and suitability to learning traits.  The children are looked at as a whole person and support is identified for every area of need to ensure they thrive and enjoy their learning journey with us.

We take great pride in the school's constant endeavour to work with families, carers and external specialists to meet the needs of all our pupils and we celebrate our successes with the whole school community.  ‘Believe to achieve’.


'The Elm Tree Way’

To feel Safe, Happy, Special and have Needs Met

By being Caring, Consistent and Calm at all times


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